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Ship Management Services - United SteveDoringShip Management Services - United SteveDoring

ORAM - Maritime Surveys Services   

ORAM-Maritime Survey Services  is an important element of the Logistics Solution.

Selection of a vessel to perform a contract, relies heavily on the commercial standing of the Owner and information provided to the Charterer. Inspection of the ship prior to acceptance is a prudent policy.
ORAM - Maritime Survey Services marine surveyor is "on standby” to inspect your vessel anywhere in the world.



ORAM-Maritime Survey Services  marine surveyors provide a comprehensive survey service including;

  • Hull & Condition Survey
  • Yacht, Fishing and Pleasure Boat Surveys
  • On/Off Hire – Full report
      and digital record
  • Draft Survey
  • Bunker Survey
  • Hold Condition
    - Pre loading inspection
    - Re–inspection
    - Final cargo walk over
  • Cleaning Supervision
  • Damaged ship and or cargo
  •   Containers
    - Damage
    - Preloading
    - Securing/lashing
  • Deck Cargo – Lashing   
  • Grain Ship Surveys
  • Grain Stocktake Audits
  • Fertiliser Ship Surveys & Supervision
  • P&I Club Surveys
  • Bulk Liquid Supervision
  • Ship Condition Surveys
  • Containers and Bulk Bag Surveys
  • Cargo sampling
  • Container sampling
  • Bulk Liquids loading/sampling
  • Breaking Bulk Surveys
  • Port Captaincy
Approved Surveyor of Fertilizer Industry
Member of Australasian Institute of Marine Suveyors

Ship Management Services

ORAM - Maritime Survey Services
Unit 10, 111 Mandurah Road, Kwinana Beach 6167 WESTERN AUSTRALIA | P.O. Box 689 Fremantle Western Australia 6959
Telephone 61 (0) 8 9419 2033 | Email

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